Can You Suffer An Omega-3 Overdose?

Everyone knows that omega Three fatty acids are essential for good well being, however can we undergo from an omega-Three overdose?

Sadly, the reply will rely.

For omega-Three sources that you just get from crops and nuts, resembling flaxseed, and walnuts, it is very laborious to overdose.

Nevertheless, these will not be the very best sources for omega Three fatty acids as there are three sorts of omega Three fat: ALA, DHA and EPA.

The ALA type is what you discover in plant types like flaxseed. ALA must be transformed by the physique into DHA and EPA earlier than use. This conversion might not occur effectively for quite a lot of attainable causes.

Fish oils are the very best supply of DHA and EPA omega Three fatty acids.

That is the place the reply to Omega-Three Overdose will range. It’ll rely on the fish supply getting used (in dietary supplements) or consumed.

If you’re taking cod liver oil, for instance, which has a really excessive Vitamin A content material, you possibly can overdose….as a result of Vitamin A is poisonous is giant quantities. Be mindful it is the Vitamin A that’s poisonous right here, not the omega-Three fat.

Nevertheless, there are species of fish which can be very excessive in useful DHA and EPA with extraordinarily low Vitamin A content material, which makes overdosing practicually nil as a result of they don’t seem to be produced from the liver.

Now this does not imply you need to overdo it by taking as a lot omega-Three fatty acids as you possibly can. If you’re an grownup in good well being, you possibly can in all probability take 1 to 2 grams a day to keep up good well being.

That is only a basic rule of thumb.

When you have a particular well being situation, the quantity you’re taking will range.

Nevertheless, most individuals, being poor in omega Three fatty acids, ought to contemplate taking the aforementioned 1 to 2 grams of omega Three fatty acids per day.

One omega-Three warning to remember is that omega Three oils act as blood thinners. This may be useful for individuals who have clumpy, “sticky” blood. Blood thinners might assist the blood stream extra simply via arteries, benefiting the functioning of the guts. However too many blood thinners can submit sure dangers as nicely.

It is not that omega-Three’s are harmful on this regard. It is simply that if you’re already taken blood thinners (whether or not over-the-counter or prescription) you need to discuss to your physician earlier than including omega-Three dietary supplements to your day by day well being routine to be sure you aren’t thinning your blood an excessive amount of.

Total for most individuals within the Western world, the issue is not considered one of an omega-Three overdose, however not getting sufficient of those very important fat, which assist enhance mind and coronary heart well being, and accomplish that way more.

1 to 2 grams a day of a purified, top quality, omega Three wealthy fish oil complement with low Vitamin A content material is among the greatest issues the overwhelming majority of Westerners can do to enhance their well being.

Source by Dan Ho