How to Fix My Slice – 3 Tips to Permanently Cure Your Slice

There are few issues extra irritating in golf than knocking one within the woods off the primary tee, and the number one wrongdoer is normally the slice. Many individuals ask me how do I repair my slice? More often than not there are three the explanation why individuals slice, and right here I’m going to share three suggestions that may show you how to repair these issues.

1. One of the widespread issues that trigger a slice is a weak grip. It is extremely unlucky however many golfers are taught to grip the membership in a impartial place, which works effectively for the superior golfer, however causes a slice for the typical weekend participant. The typical golfer who suffers a slice ought to have a powerful grip, which implies that the left hand must be extra on prime of the membership with three knuckles exhibiting, and the appropriate hand can be extra on the underside of the membership.

2. Along with the grip, the typical golfer who’s asking how do I repair my slice ought to play golf with a barely closed stance. A closed stance promotes an inside to out golf swing, which causes the membership face to proper proper to left spin on the golf ball. This may make your photographs have a slight draw as an alternative of that dreadful slice.

three. One other widespread downside is what’s referred to is "casting" the membership from the highest of the backswing. "This occurs when individuals don’t let the membership come from the within to strike the ball. Most common golfers attempt to overpower the golf Ball by coming excessive with the membership, when you need to begin your downswing by rotating your hips barely to the left for a proper handed participant. This Promotes a smoother golf swing and a greater swing path, which is able to result’s straighter drives.

So if you wish to reply your query how do I repair my slice, then simply attempt these three suggestions and you can be effectively in your solution to lovely straight drives! Do you wish to know the way I do it?

Source by Matthew Lord