Virtual Instrument Recording – Tips For Professional Results

For those who search by way of many royalty free music libraries it is not going to take lengthy earlier than you come throughout low cost midi songs from the previous 20 years of pc recording. With the subtle digital devices out there as we speak this needn’t be the case and with sufficient care, these devices can sound spectacular, musical and even transfer you.

Right here's my tricks to getting essentially the most from digital devices:

At all times consider how the actual instrument would play:

You need to study as a lot as you possibly can about the actual devices that you’re emulating. Consider how the musician would possibly bodily play a sure phrase in addition to the vary of the instrument and which register sounds weak or significantly robust? What sort of articulations go well with the instrument and wherever the place it could be positioned on stage.You need to embody the inaccuracies which will happen with actual devices. It's simple to make pc music sound too exact and in actual life, this isn’t at all times the case. The person devices of a string part is not going to begin or finish a phrase at precisely the identical time-it shouldn’t sound messy, nevertheless it ought to embody a human ingredient.

Reasonable Strings:

So as to create an efficient string part it's important to document every string line individually (violins 1 and a pair of (no less than) and Viola, Cello, Double Bass) ensuring that every line works melodically in it's personal method. Export the recordsdata individually to audio and punctiliously mix every string line collectively and ship these tracks to a separate combine bus. Now strive recording the entire thing once more utilizing a string quintet, utilizing solo string samples versus samples from a string part. Export the quintet recordsdata to audio and ship the quintet to a different combine bus. Now you can mix the extra particular person, nearer sound of the quintet, within the full string part. The string part can now be processed in the identical method as if the actual devices had been recorded. This sort of consideration to element merely was not attainable utilizing midi sounds and whereas this can by no means exchange the fantastic thing about an actual string part, it may produce actually spectacular, shifting music.

Genuine Piano:

When you’ve got a solo piano or a piano that's outstanding within the combine then strive exporting a number of audio tracks and mixing them in the same method that an actual piano would have recorded utilizing alternate microphone positions. Export a stereo model with room ambiance and one other with no room sound in any respect and as well as export 2 mono recordsdata (left and proper, with or with out room sound). Now you can combine them subtly collectively and pan the mono tracks wider than you hear within the stereo export. Once more, ship all these tracks to a single combine bus so to management them simply and with the minority use of compression and reverb, you’ve a very genuine sounding piano.

Larger Package Sounds:

A really efficient manufacturing impact for the equipment is the "New York compression" trick. This includes sending the equipment (and probably bass) to an FX channel and compressing the sound by 10db or extra. Add some excessive finish (6-10db round 10khz) and low finish (6-10db round 100hz) to the compressed sign (not the equipment channel) and now bringing the fader of the compressor up so to simply hear it alongside the unique Package combine. This has the impact of padding out the drums subtly and making them sound just a little greater than they have been.


It's nicely price investing in a very good high quality reverb. The cheaper one's do are inclined to sound inferior. When you've spent your cash, don’t overuse use it! A right away signal of an inexperienced producer is the overuse of reverb. Keep in mind what would occur in actuality when including synthetic reverb. Shut sounds would have little, or no reverb, whereas devices which can be additional away would have extra. Keep in mind that you would be able to EQ the reverb to change the tone.

Compression and EQ:

An important piece of that has made life simpler is the Focusrite "Liquid Combine". Packed into the scale of a hardback ebook it has 20 basic EQs and 40 compressors. With on board processing, giving your pc a much-needed break you possibly can name up desk emulations from well-known studios from either side of the Atlantic. In addition to sounding nice and slicing the time down for mixing. The important ingredient for contemporary music is compression however watch out to not overuse it.For those who're after that fashionable "in your face" sound then a multi-band compressor is important. This acts on the stereo grasp sign and compresses totally different frequencies as if they’d their very own compressors appearing upon them. The impact is to carry the observer quantity of the whole observe up and make it sound rather more alive and colourful. In my thoughts that is the one most evident distinction between knowledgeable combine and an newbie manufacturing.

You’ll be able to see from these recording ideas that there's simply no excuse for drained, outdated royalty free music sounds. All of it will depend on the hassle that goes into it.

Source by James Treweek